News & Prayer Update / 001

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As we begin 2015 let me wish you and yours, on behalf of me and mine, every blessing for the year ahead. Whatever you’re dealing with and whatever lies on the horizon, may you know God’s guidance, peace and strength!

As we move forward with laying the foundations for Novō and look to the opening of the first Novō community in Santa Cruz we are absolutely convinced of the power and importance of prayer! As such, I’m planning to write a ‘News & Prayer Update’ every couple of months which zeros-in on the key issues for your prayers.

My expectation is that, as we look back, these posts will become a faith-inspiring record of the incredible things which God (who “is able to accomplish… infinitely more than we might ask or think”) does as a result of our prayerful conversations with Him.

So, here are the key issues for prayer right now:

  • The conversation continues with an American mission who approached us about the possibility of us using one of their properties (2.2 acres with 2 houses). The property would be absolutely spot-on for the first Novō community! The mission has a key meeting at the beginning of February and we are praying it will result in a positive outcome. Please pray that God’s best will result for this conversation – both for Novō and the mission.
  • Jony Muñoz arrives on 15th January to do a year’s placement at Yeldall Manor with our therapeutic team. Jony is Chilean/Panamanian but has lived much of his life in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He has worked as a teacher at the Santa Cruz International School for the 7 years but, following at visit to the UK last year, felt prompted to step-out and give a year to serving at Yeldall with a view to seeing if God had plans for him to get involved with Novō longer-term. Please pray for Jony as he gets settled at Yeldall and that God would, in due course, guide his future steps.
  • We’ve been humbled and encouraged by the response to our recent email/blog re. our personal support needs as a family. We are now half-way towards our targets for both ongoing monthly support and start-up costs, which is incredible at this stage! Please join us us giving thanks for God’s provision through the incredible generosity of His people and in praying that the remainder of our support needs will come together over the next couple of months. 
  • We are in the process of applying for charitable status for Novō in the UK but are dealing with some bureaucratic blockage at the moment. Please pray that we will be able to progress this application with real speed over the next few weeks.
  • As a family the Christmas/New Year break was a time of real refreshment and taking stock, ahead of such a big year. The kids seem to be in a good place with it all. Mickey and I are increasingly excited, but also conscious that there’s lots we need to do to make the move happen! Please pray for us (especially the kids) that we would know a tremendous sense of God’s peace and joy as the move draws closer.

Thank you so much for your interest, care and support. If, as you pray, you sense God saying something you think we might need to hear, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch by email.

4 responses to “News & Prayer Update / 001”

  1. Kate Eaglestone Avatar
    Kate Eaglestone

    Hi Andy and Mickey Hope you are both really well and have had a wonderful Christmas. We are sure you are really busy but wondered if you might have anytime before you go that we could all catch up. Please don’t feel any obligation, but if you have a free Saturday/Sunday and you and the children fancy coming over we would LOVE to see you. In the mean time we continue to pray for you and trust that God is guiding and leading you in His exciting plans. With much love Kate and Liam



  2. Richard Avatar

    sounds intense and good. Aside from wishing all of you the very best if you fancy meeting up as a family or just the two of us we would love too. I appreciate the busyness though! I really do hope you get what you need for project


  3. Tower family Avatar
    Tower family

    Hi Andy,

    Stewardship are good at registering new charities if you need some advice/help.

    Cheers, Alan

    Alan Tower

    077 368 333 96


  4. Edwin L Wallan Avatar
    Edwin L Wallan

    Hi Andy. There’s lots to get done and many needs for God’s moving in hearts and offices. There will be much to thank Him for in the near future. In the meantime, may God bless you and yours. In HIm, Ed


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