Would you consider joining our Support Team?

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As you know, big changes lie ahead for us as a family in 2015.

Earlier this year, through the generosity of some incredible people, we were able to make this short film which expresses the vision behind these changes. It’s only five minutes long and includes interviews with men in addiction in Bolivia, as well as church leaders who have a burden to respond.

We are committed to seeing this vision become a reality but we know we can only do so if we are part of a far larger team of people who, together, are forming Novō through their practical, prayerful and financial investment.  

In that context, I want to ask whether whether you would consider joining our family financial support team so that we can see this vision become a reality?

We need to raise a minimum of £40,000/year to enable us to serve in Bolivia. This figure includes significant sums for education, travel and healthcare, as well as a ‘salary’. In addition, we are trusting God for an additional £40,000 to cover one-off start-up costs such as a vaccinations, visas, a robust vehicle, travel and home set-up.

Of course, £40,000/year is a lot of money, but I love the way this table clearly demonstrates the significance of each and every gift, whatever the sum:

£/month Number of Supporters Monthly Total
£10 25 £250
£20 20 £650
£50 15 £1,400
£100 10 £2,400
£250 2 £2,900
£500 1 £3,400

We would be so grateful if you’d consider being a part of our support team but please don’t feel under any pressure to respond positively!

If you are able to support us, whether with a regular or a one-off gift, please let us know by email (partington.andy@gmail.com) or whatever means is most convenient and we will send you a big ‘thank you’ and the information you need to set-up your support! 

I thought it would be good to answer a number of ‘FAQs’ about our financial support. If you have a question, I hope I have answered it below. If not (or you would like to talk in person about anything related to our move to Bolivia and Novō) please be in touch.

When does your financial support need to begin?

My first day working full-time on Novō will be 1st April 2015 so this is the key date. However, our hope is that many of our supporters will begin their support sooner for two reasons. Firstly, so that we can plan with a clear picture of what support we have in place and plan with confidence. Secondly, so that some of our one-off start-up costs can be covered through the accumulation of regular gif

What oversight and accountability do you have in place?

As a family we are going to be a part of the EFCCM, a Canadian mission with a strong team on the ground in Santa Cruz. In the UK we have formed a Trustee group who will oversee the Charitable Trust we are setting-up to administer Novō project finances and oversee our personal support. The Trustees, along with our Pastor, will also be supporting us pastorally.

What about project costs for Novō?

Despite the fact the Novō communities are going to be built around an income-generating business we will need to raise both start-up and ongoing support for each project. However, the priority at this stage is raising the personal support to enable us to pioneer the work of Novō. We have exciting opportunities on the horizon to fundraise for project costs amongst UK Grant-Making Trusts, EFCCM churches in Canada, and through the Yeldall network.

Andy, Mickey, Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe, and JJ
Andy, Mickey, Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe, and JJ


2 responses to “Would you consider joining our Support Team?”

  1. Nikki Huntwood Avatar
    Nikki Huntwood

    Great blog Andy!

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  2. Edwin L Wallan Avatar
    Edwin L Wallan

    Thanks for the letter, Andy. Although we are not able to involve $-wise because of previous commitments, we will continue to pray that the Lord will quickly raise up your needed support. All God’s best to you and yours, Ed Wallan

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