To get Novō you need to get Yeldall

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Yeldall Manor is a special place – a life-changing community of love and discipline and grace and truth where, since 1977, hundreds of men have found freedom from addiction and new life in Christ.

It’s also a place I called ‘home’ from 1982 and 1999. Yep, I grew up in rehab… but more of that another time!

The Yeldall story is incredible and, at so many levels, instructive. Yeldall began with the compassion, obedience and faith of Bill and Joanie Yoder and their two daughters, Tina and Heidi. Bill and Joanie had a chance encounter with a drug addict on the London Underground and, in response to the cries for help they heard, opened up their home to help the heroin addicts they met on the streets of London. In time, and with the support of local Christians in Berkshire, they bought Yeldall Manor to create the ideal context for this growing work. Since then Yeldall has evolved into a highly regarded Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre as a result of the investment of its incredible staff, quality residents, and generous supporters.

For those of you who don’t know Yeldall this short film is a superb introduction. For those of you who do, I still think its worth a watch!


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  1. Phil McIntosh Avatar
    Phil McIntosh

    Andy that is a really excellent film, a very powerful tool. Might want to use it in some forthcoming presentations…if that’s ok?

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