The Beginning

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It’s July 2014 and I currently serve as the Director of Yeldall Manor, a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in the south-east of England (www.yeldall.org.uk). I met my incredible wife, Mickey, in 1995 and we married in 2000. We have four fabulous kids – Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe and JJ.

As a family we are preparing to move to Santa Cruz, Bolivia in order to launch Novō, a charity which will create transformational communities in developing nations – places where hurting and broken people can find healing, wholeness and hope. We plan to leave for Bolivia in May 2015.

This blog is intended to be a place where we can share the journey with those are on it with us – friends, family, and others who share God’s heart for the addicted.

I don’t exactly know what this is going to look like. What I do know is that as we move forward in pursuit of this vision we need to be connected with others and I’m hoping this blog will help us to do that!

If you’re up for it, please click on the link to the right and sign-up to follow this blog by email. There may be a bit of a flurry of updates to begin with but I promise not to inundate you with updates in the long run!

Andy, Mickey, Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe, and JJ
Andy, Mickey, Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe, and JJ




8 responses to “The Beginning”

  1. Lynda Bowyer Avatar

    What a super family photo. Wishing you every success as you place your future in God’s hands for him to carve a path for you in Bolivia. I, for one, will be reading this blog avidly. God bless. Lynda.

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  2. Sach Avatar

    How exciting !! (;

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  3. Lish Eves Avatar
    Lish Eves

    Graft and hard work, eh?! Lovely photo, yes I will keep up with the blog

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  4. Kate Eaglestone Avatar
    Kate Eaglestone

    We are looking forward to sharing in your amazing ministry! Lots of love to you dear friends xxx

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  5. suzanne Avatar

    Great photo! I look forward to receiving more updates as they come 🙂

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  6. Lianne Avatar

    So excited for you and funny to think I know exactly where you will be!

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  7. Michelle Fowler Avatar
    Michelle Fowler

    Wow is all I can! Beautiful family photo by the way. So excited for you all, stepping out on a fresh adventure. You will all be firmly in our prayers and we’ll be eagerly awaiting the updates on the blog. God bless your wonderful family, lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

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  8. Mike and Colleen Avatar
    Mike and Colleen

    Psalm 90: 17:
    ‘ May the favour of the Lord our God rest upon you;establish the work of your hands for you – yes, establish the work of your hands’

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