How are the kids doing?

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Hi, it’s Mickey writing this time 🙂

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For this blog post we thought we’d give you an answer to the question, ‘How are the kids doing?’ So, from youngest to oldest, here’s a quick update on our four lovely children:


JJ is full of energy and almost fearless – which makes me slightly fearful! He is definitely ready to go back to doing full days at school next year. I’m not quite so sure I am, I feel like this year with him in Kindergarten doing half days has been a real ‘bonus’ year for both of us – well, most of the time it feels like a bonus to me 😉

His favourite things are riding his bike around our barrio and taking the dog for a walk (on his own) when he gets home from school. In all honesty the walk never last more than 10 minutes, but he feels very grown up!

JJ was very excited yesterday because he got to use his pocket money to buy a watch from the market for 30 Bolivianos (about £3). He wasn’t so thrilled about having to traipse around after me to buy fruit and veg. On reflection we probably did our purchasing in the wrong order…

We found this massive frog in Uncle Rudy’s bag of tools!
JJ & Barney playing Lego


Phoebe is our biggest extrovert! She just loves being with people and continues to enjoy school, despite having some learning difficulties to deal with.

A highlight of recent months was seeing her ride a horse on her own for the first time at our friend’s ranch!

Come rain or shine, Phoebe loves swimming! This was quite possibly the cause of an ear infection which caused her to miss a coupe of days school last week and discover that she can visit the Nurse’s office if she gets a bit bored in class!

Phoebe with her (brilliant) teacher, Miss Dickman and her friend, Emma
This is classic Phoebe! Dressed-up in JJ’s spiderman costume, using a palm branch as some kind of weapon and accessorising with sunglasses & handbag!


Things are still pretty tough at school for Jemimah, but I had a really helpful meeting with her teacher the other day and I’m grateful that each of them have had just the right teacher to help them get acclimatised to their new school.

Jemimah had a real boost last week when she was awarded “Student of the Quarter” for her grade!

A few weekends ago she was asked to be the Madrina (the person buying and giving a gift) to a little girl called Rosario who lives at Talita Cumi (a children’s home very close to where we live). Jemimah took the responsibilty very seriously, asking different people what they thought would be good gift ideas and how much money she should spend. It was a real privilege to join-in celebrating of the birthdays of these precious kids!

Jemimah helping Aunty Erna put the finishing touches to her delicious dessert!
Jemimah, JJ and Phoebe (with their little friend Nora) ready for Superhero day at school!


Daniel is just thriving! Daniel doing so well has been one of the highlights of our time here so far. As you can see he’s shot-up since we got here and isn’t too far away from being taller than his Dad.

He continues to have drum lessons & play in the band at church and is now playing basketball for the school team. He has a really good group of friends who joined him a couple of weeks for his 14th birthday celebrations!

Daniel befriending a Toucan.
All ready for the Junior/Senior banquet at school.

We’re so proud of Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe and JJ. Each of them in different ways misses home – especially their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – and has found being here difficult. Nevertheless, each of them has ‘gone for it’, stepping-out of their comfort zones to get used to a new home; new school; new church; and new sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

These months have been challenging for our kids in different ways. But, many of these challenges are not uncommon to childhood (or adulthood!). On days when Jemimah has been really struggling I have written her a little note with a Bible verse that she has kept in her pocket and read during the day. This is one of her verses:

“For I hold you by your right hand, I the Lord your God. And I say to you, “Don’t be afraid, I am here to help you.” (Isaiah 41:13)

I love this image of God holding our hand.

It is His desire to help us whatever it is we are facing; whatever it is that is threatening to overwhelm us.

I love it that we have this promise that we don’t face things alone. Our heavenly Father is right there with us, by our side, holding our right hand.

With lots of love,

Mickey & Andy

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13 responses to “How are the kids doing?”

  1. Ali Avatar

    What a lovely update Mickey – thank you! You obviously have every reason to be proud parents! xx


  2. alexandramoon1979 Avatar

    So lovely to see and hear about them all, miss you! Xxx


  3. Edwin L Wallan Avatar
    Edwin L Wallan

    Hey, that is a great letter; very interesting! We were in Colombia with four kids (in our much younger days) and we know it can present some challenges. Thankfully, there are many blessings to go with it. The Novo bunch, you, Penners and McCaigs, are in our prayers daily. Blessings on you. Ed & Diana Wallan

    On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 11:25 AM, PARTINGTON BLOG wrote:

    > Andy Partington posted: “Hi, it’s Mickey writing this time 🙂 Hopefully > since we last wrote you’ve received the first two Novō News Updates. If > not, please subscribe for those by clicking on the ‘subscribe’ button in > the top left-hand corner of this page: Novō News Updates. For” >


  4. Ailish Eves Avatar
    Ailish Eves

    Brilliant letter, Mickey. I would not have thought of the little notes with a verse for Jemimah, well done! The first year is tough….nut worth weathering. New language, toucans, large frogs, what next in terms of excitements?! Love to you all.


  5. Alistair Cuthbert Avatar
    Alistair Cuthbert

    Great blog Mickey and so cool to hear how the kids are getting on. In many ways each child of yours mirrors each child of our – very weird indeed. One day Nathan and Daniel could do a sponsored drumming-basketball shooting marathon between them – that would be great! I think the kids would love to skype someday soon with your clan and, as Andy and I have had plenty of practice already, maybe we could arrange this. Blessings Al & Lynsey


  6. Jennifer Mcknight Avatar
    Jennifer Mcknight

    Great to hear how the family is doing. We cannot get over how much everyone has grown especially Daniel – quite the young man! Every blessing to you all. Keep on keeping on.
    Love to you all. xx


  7. drjohnstone Avatar

    Hi Mickey, this is Di. I love your blog about the children. The Bible verses close to hand for Jemimah brought a lump to my throat – what a lovely thing to do 🙂 With love from The Stone’s xx


  8. Brad and Sarah Spencer Avatar
    Brad and Sarah Spencer

    Great post Mickey. ❤️❤️


  9. Catriona mitchell Avatar
    Catriona mitchell

    Dear Mickey, i have just realised i can reply to the blog here. I’m a bit slow. But it is great to here and see how your children are doing. So well. You must indeed be proud of them. Can’t believe how grown up and tall Daniel is. Wow. And you too must be doing well and keeping it all together in the ups and downs of family life – AND in a new country. May God continue to bless you all xxxxx Catriona

    Sent from my iPad



  10. David Stillman Avatar
    David Stillman

    Dear Mickey,

    Thank you for sending your latest news of the family, it was so good to hear how they are doing and we will continue to pray for you all. Also thank you for adding the verse of scripture at the end of your news, it was just what I needed to receive right now and is a real encouragement. Bless you.

    Love, Theresa Stillman X


  11. Nadia Permalloo Avatar
    Nadia Permalloo

    Thanks for this update on the kids Mickey- they are all such wonderful kids. Cannot believe how much Daniel has grown, my goodness! We do miss them at Kerith Kids. Phoebe and Jemimah were an absolute pleasure to have on a Sunday- give them both a special hug from me.
    I was sad to hear that Jemimah was having a rough time and as I am writing this I feel that God wants to remind her about how he looks after the sparrow and how much more he will look after her- she is so precious to him.
    with much love Nadia


  12. michaelrosswatson Avatar

    Hi Andy and Mickey,

    It was so good to read about the kids in the blog. Absolutely fantastic. We continue to pray for them individually and for yourselves.

    God bless,

    Michael and Esther


  13. Betsy Avatar

    So good to read your update! It was such a blessing to see you in Bolivia again. What a precious family you have – I will remember to pray for them, especially sweet Jemimah! I loved chatting with her during the week I was there. Many blessings on you all!


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