A film & some FAQs

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First, the FAQs.

As we’re talking with people about Novō and our move to Bolivia a number of key questions come up. Here’s how I’ve been answering them:

When are you leaving?

We’ll leaving for Bolivia in June. This means the kids will be able (more or less) to complete their school year here and be ready to start a new school year in Bolivia at the beginning of August.

What do the next 8 months look like?

Between now and Christmas my focus is on two things. Firstly, ensuring we do a good leadership transition at Yeldall. Secondly, laying excellent foundations for Novō by building a strong support base who, through their prayerful and financial support, will bring this vision to life.

In the New Year my focus will continue to be on building a strong support base for Novō. I will also be writing a Recovery Manual which we’ll use as the basis for our group work in the Novō communities. As a couple we will be investing heavily in our Spanish so that we have the language skills we need to be effective.

Where will the kids go to school?

The kids will enrol at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Centre (SCCLC). The SCCLC was set-up to educate the children of missionaries and many of the teachers are themselves serving with mission agencies. The student population is about 50% Bolivians and 50% ex-pats so it has a balanced feel to it and should give the kids a good blend of friendships, tonnes of opportunity to become fluent Spanish speakers, and a solid educational foundation.

How will you be financed?

In short, we’re trusting God to provide for our needs and the needs of Novō through the generous support of His people. We will begin fundraising in October. We have a superb team of Trustees who I’ll introduce in a future post. They will administer all funds raised in the UK for the general funds of Novō through a Charitable Trust and they will have oversight of our personal support which will be administered by Mullers (formerly the George Muller Foundation).

Will you be working on this alone?

No. In addition to our Novō trustees here in the UK we will be moving forward in partnership with Yeldall Manor and the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM). We got to the know the EFCCM during our previous time in Bolivia and will be operating in Bolivia under their auspices. This will enable us to be a part of their growing team on the ground and to benefit from their legal status and national network in Bolivia.

Do you have property in Bolivia yet?

Yes. In Tarija, through the generosity of a member of the church there, we have been offered a 10-acre plot of land, with building, just outside the city. In Santa Cruz we are in conversation with an American mission agency about making use of a 2-acre plot of land, with two buildings, which they own and would like to see used for this kind of work.

How long will you be in Bolivia?

This one I can’t answer! I’ve tried to predict the future in this area before… We’ll need to be in Bolivia for at least the next 5 years to oversee the piloting of the first Novō projects. Beyond that, it seems probable that Bolivia will remain the right place for us to be based for some time as we help to see Novō communities established elsewhere through a community-franchising approach, but only time will tell.

Now, to the film.

This is something we threw together after spending time with a medical team caring for a group of young addicts on the streets of Santa Cruz. I hope it will give you a bit of an insight into life on the streets for these young lads.


2 responses to “A film & some FAQs”

  1. samfairsbillam Avatar

    So excited for you mate! Sounds like things are coming together for you. Will be praying that the rest of your time in the UK goes well as you build up to this huge adventure! Love to all Sam and family



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  2. Lianne Avatar

    I love reading about all your plans and it’s so funny to hear you talk of places I know. I visited the school your children will be going to!

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